If you are wondering, why WELDON ? Here's what we have to say.


Agile Adeptness

We are the solution benefactors. We recognize that many people have the ambition and dream to start a successful enterprise but do not have scalable solution to do so. That’s where we come into picture.

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Dexterous Delivery

Our experience and expertise in diverse industry verticals helps us contribute to the society. You can stay assured that you will get the most viable solutions for any commercial segment. We help you weld your ideas with our solution.

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Proficient Pursuit

Our talented staff & skilled proficiency sets us apart from rest. We integrate latest technology with the experience to chart out best plans & solutions for an enterprise that stands out and aims for growth.

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Explore our multifaceted services, offered at the most competitive standards.

IT Consulting

Information technology is a growing and complicated industry. Therefore our premium consulting services make it easier and simpler.

Beauty Industry

Our experience in the beauty industry makes us an indispensable part of this business. Think beauty, think Weldones.

Health Industry

Health industry is the vertical we have scaled at Weldone. Get every consultation regarding Heath with us at Weldones.

Real Estate

Adding another feather to the hat, we provide finest consultation by veteran advisory for Real Estate related matters.


A brisk introduction to the projects undertaken and successfully accomplished by WELDON


Flourish your Business in the Digital world with our Economic Prices.